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During a Fulbright Groups Projects Abroad trip to Jordan and surrounding regions,

Tiffin native and current Walbridge, Ohio, resident, Dave Harms visited the United

Nations’ camp for Palestinians displaced by the creation of Israel in 1946. A group

of Fulbrighters was invited by one of the residents into his apartment for a meal.

Three generations of the family lived in a one room apartment. Water was rationed

so that each member of the family could have a bath once a week (the day of the

Fulbright visit, it was 120 degrees!). On the wall was an old black and white photo

of the house where the man had lived in Israel. “That is our home,” he told Dave. “I

am going back there someday.”

His son took Dave to a site outside the refugee camp where, for the last twenty

years, a new house has been under construction. A little more is built as the family

has money for it. The stone was black and white in the Palestinian fashion, and the

house faces the old house of his father. “This is our temporary home so my

daughters can go to school.”

Dave Harms (actually Dr Dave, phD) teaches at Penta Career Center and Lourdes

University. He is also a founding member of the band Tinfoil, and the new Tinfoil

album, Happy, features the song, Fading Back to History, which tells the story of

the family he met that day in the refugee camp.

Tinfoil is Dave Harms on guitar and vocals, Cher Bibler of Tiffin on bass and vocals,

and Rick Waggoner, Gibsonburg, on guitar. The band was formed in Tiffin in 1993

and has been cranking out great music in some form or another ever since. They

play guitar based rock with some tendencies towards punk and blues. The new

album features fifteen songs with subjects ranging from drug addiction (the title

tune) to Syria, terrorist attacks, the Three Musketeers, wakeboarding, and

television evangelists.

Rick Waggoner also teaches at Penta (horticulture) and has been a member of

Tinfoil since 2011. He formerly played with Cape Cod and the Distractions. He and

Dave are in a popular cover band called Old School. Rick, who is a native of

Wooster, deals in antiques, as well.

Cher Bibler, also an original member of Tinfoil, lives in Tiffin with her two dogs and

a cat and a houseful of books. She is a writer whose third novel has just been

released, I am never sure when.

The song Lora appeared on the recent Acoustics for Autism album.

Happy and other Tinfoil albums are available at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and local

shops that carry indie music.

Fleetwood Mac, Sonic Youth, Tinfoil. All of them employed a male and female singer. All of them had great lyrics. All of them had a killer guitar player. Only two of the three have millions of fans. Not every band becomes superstars. Some bands are loved by just a handful of people, and these bands tend to be very loved. That’s Tinfoil. I’ve never met a group so talented, yet so humble. I maintain that it’s only a lack of promotion and national distribution that kept them from stardom. I first encountered Tinfoil’s music back in the late 90s, when I was writing for Jam Rag, a Detroit music magazine. Their albums Plastic Lips and Family Tree stayed on the top of my stack of local releases for months. Plastic Lips is their “White Album”. A double length release of varying styles, experimental tracks, and above all, great songs. It’s been said that the lo-fi sound hurts it, but I don’t think a digital 48 track console would serve these songs. Nirvana’s Bleach album wouldn’t sound good produced by Andy Wallace either. The thing about Tinfoil that always impressed me is that whether their live audience is 5 people or 500, they always play their hearts out. Every gig is a big one to them. There’s nothing nonchalant about their live performances. They come to rock you, even if there’s only a half a dozen of you. This quality is shared by groups like Sublime, Mother Love Bone and a few other groups that had small but loyal followings. Luckily for us, nobody in Tinfoil OD’d on heroin. Maybe they’d be even more loved then, but I’d rather they still be here to keep making new music and bringing it to my backyard.............Tony Romanov Jam Rag Magazine
      Tinfoil was founded in 1991 by Cher Bibler, Dave Harms and Dave Smith. The band was named after Thomas Edison's medium he recorded the first recording, "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on. Tinfoil's self-titled debut was released in 1993. Other albums include:
      Today, Tinfoil is mixing a reunion album featuring the original band. The album is called Donde Vas. An EP called Morrison Road was released with alternate mixes of four of the songs.
Further information about Tinfoil can be found on Tinfoil's website: http://tinfoilchronicles.wordpress.com/